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Safety is paramount within the E80 organization.  In all areas of E80’s work, employees receive extensive training regarding how to accomplish work safely.  Our employees receive job instruction/training in the use of specialized equipment under the direction of qualified superintendents and our exceptional safety staff.  Our dedication to safety is second to none and we will prove this working on your property.


In March of 1998 E80 Plus Constructors was founded as a nationwide railroad bridge contractor.  E80 has since expanded to include a consulting engineering firm, SW Bridge Engineers, as well as an industrial division, E80 Millwright & Rigging.

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E80 is proud to be an employee-owned company. An employee stock ownership plan is an employee benefit plan that provides workers ownership interest in the company.  ESOP’s encourage pride in workmanship and longevity benefiting our employees as well as our customers.

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