E80 has extensive bridge engineering expertise within its contracting group.  Unlike other contractors, we are able to provide engineering expertise and service within our core construction service.  All E80 crews and personnel are supported by a very experienced bridge engineering staff with over 100 years of combined rail bridge experience.  We are very proud of the engineering team within E80 Plus Constructors, LLC and believe you will be very satisfied with our service as we know how to repair/replace railroad structures while keeping your trains running on time which is essential to your bottom line.

E80’s Engineering Philosophy and why we are the best.

Unlike our competitors, E80 engineers work closely in the field with our crews to ensure a safe and quality product.  They spend extensive time in the field actually building/repairing bridges with our crews.  Very few engineers in the industry can make this claim.  Our engineers have the experience of building other’s designs in addition to our own which is the best learning tool period.  E80’s engineers requirement for extensive field experience produces safe, common sense, cost saving, constructible designs while keeping your trains rolling on time.  Our engineering expertise is second to none.  At E80 Plus Constructors, we go the extra mile to ensure engineering and construction are one entity and not two competing processes. 

E80 Plus Constructors employs top notch quality people who are simply the best with railroad structures. Their experience combined with our knowledgeable engineering and support staff produce excellent results with regard to your bridge budget and keeping train traffic on the move.