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The railroad bridge people

E80 Plus Constructors is a nationwide railroad bridge contractor specializing in the inspection, design, repair, strengthening and construction of railroad bridges and structures.  Founded in March of 1998 with a mission to perform our work better than anyone else, E80 Plus is continually growing and values its reputation as a leader in the Railroad Bridge industry. 


Safety is paramount within the E80 organization.  In all areas of E80’s work, employees receive extensive training regarding how to accomplish work safely .  Our employees receive job instruction/training in the use of specialized equipment under the direction of qualified superintendents and our exceptional safety staff.  Our crews dedication to safety is second to none and we will prove this working on your property.

E80 Plus Constructors’ resume of work includes projects on Class I, Regional and Short Line Railroads throughout the United States.  E80 Plus Constructors is able to provide concrete, timber, and steel repairs, new construction, in-place treating, as well as a wide variety of engineering services.  We also take pride in completing the bridge work that proves the most difficult.  Our engineers love a challenge.  


Working together as a Team with our Railroad Customers, E80 Plus Constructors, LLC can help solve most any railroad bridge problem.  Give us a try and we will make certain you are completely satisfied with our safety, solution and effort.


E80 Plus Constructors values safety, training and quality from the start to finish of a project.  All employees are qualified annually on FRA On-Track Safety and Fall Protection and specific testing/training required by individual Railroad Customers. E80 Plus Constructors employees possess a strong background in all facets of railroad bridge repair and construction, design, and inspection. Give us a try, you will be very satisfied with our performance.

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We offer the best timber bridge repair work in the railroad industry.  E80’s attention to Safety and Quality is unmatched.  No matter how difficult the challenge, E80 can handle it.


We offer the best concrete railroad bridge repair work in America.  E80’s attention to Safety and Quality is unmatched.  Whole scale or partial encasement work, post tension reinforcement, bearing repairs, scour protection, impact damage repair, you name it and E80 can safely repair.


We offer the best steel bridge repair work in the railroad business.  E80’s attention to Safety and Quality is unmatched.  Gusset plates, cover plates, laterals, bearings, stiffeners, steel bracing, rivet replacement, you name it and E80 has done it well and will do it well each and every time.