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The Railroad Bridge People
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If you’re in the market to strengthen, repair or construct a new railroad bridge, E80 Plus Constructors is your answer.  We’re “The Railroad Bridge People” and as our name implies, it’s all we do.  Our specialization in railroad structures ensures our customers that the work will be accomplished safer, on time, and more cost effective while keeping your train traffic on time and moving.  “General” contractors who may work in other areas such as heavy, highway or marine construction in addition to railroad structures do not understand how a railroad operates like we do.

80 Plus Constructors, LLC
 7120 Patton Road
 Deforest, WI  53532

Phone:  888-846-6310 or 608-846-1880
Fax:  608-846-2225
Email:  Info@E80plus.org
or Info@E80plus.com  (General company information)
           QuoteRequest@E80plus.org (If you would like a Quote on your Railroad Bridge Project)
           HumanResources@E80plus.org  (If you need help with employment information)

E80 Plus Constructors' resume of work includes projects on Class I, Regional and Short Line Railroads throughout the United States.  E80 Plus Constructors is able to provide complete bridge inspection and design, concrete, timber, and steel repairs, new construction, in-place treating, as well as a wide variety of engineering services.  Providing comprehensive services allows our customers the convenience of using one source if desired for all bridge and structure needs or pick and choose what they are most comfortable with.